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About Us

Every person is on a quest. A quest to find ultimate 

meaning, purpose, identity, and relationship.


   CBC is a community of believers who have found the truth that has set them free in the name of one person: Jesus Christ. Our desire now is to BE the church NOT simply attend church. Christ said, "I will build my church" and our hearts burn with a loving passion for Him who has forgiven our sins and welcomed us into His family by faith. This personal relationship with Jesus is the foundation upon which all relationships are rightly understood and built. With God's Word as our guide, we strive to love Him with all our heart and declare that love by how we care for one another and all people.

Vision Statement

Community Baptist Church is a community of Christ-followers cultivating a passion for God by loving Him supremely and others intentionally.

We seek to accomplish this vision by 

*Knowing     *Growing     *Going


The biblical teaching taught in song is our primary focus, not one particular preference. We understand that Christians have grown up with various generational differences when it comes to music. Rather than reflect a commitment to one, we aim for a heart-felt blend of worship that is doctrinal, encouraging, and promotes congregational singing.


Jesus is concerned most about the heart of our worship and not our clothing style. Whether you join us in 'formal' attire or 'informal attire' you will not be alone.

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