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Turf field

Field Usage Guidelines

Field Usage Rules/Guidelines

General Rules

  1. Reservations are NOT confirmed until a completed application and payment is made.

  2. Anyone on Community Baptist Church property is expected to follow rules and procedures.

  3. The person(s) signing the contract are responsible for the orderly conduct of all attendees.

  4. Smoking and the use of alcohol are prohibited. This includes e-cigarettes.

  5. Community Baptist Church is not responsible for any items left or damaged at any event.

  6. No metal spikes allowed on the fields.

  7. No outside catering or vendors are allowed unless previously approved.

  8. All accidents, breakage or loss must be reported to Community Baptist Church.

  9. Any maintenance issues must be reported to Community Baptist Church.

  10. The rental group must clean up all trash after the last game.

  11. The rental group will be given a key for restrooms. The rental group is responsible to make sure they are locked up and lights are off at the end of the event/game unless members of Community Baptist Church are working at the event.

  12. Automobiles are to park only in designated areas and are to remain off of the grass.

  13. No pets allowed.

Rental Agreement/Procedures

Fill out the rental form and turn in at least two weeks prior to your event date.

  1. Full payment for event is due one week prior to event.

  2. Field use is limited to only the specified time noted on the contract. If warm up time is needed that must be included in the rental agreement. Fields will open for warm up 30 min prior to the first scheduled game.

  3. Community Baptist Church will supply soccer goals and nets. Rental groups must supply their own balls and equipment.

  4. The rental group must have at least one responsible party from the signed contract over the age of 21 present for the entirety of the event/games. All responsible parties will oversee the rules and procedures are followed and enforced. All responsible parties need to be listed on the contract with contact information. (Must be over the age of 21)

  5. If additional days need to be scheduled due to make-up games, pre-approval will be needed.

  6. All renters who will be responsible for following and enforcing the rules and procedures need to be listed on the contract with contact information. (Must be over the age of 21)

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