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"Look At The Birds"

I wrote this poem while deer hunting and meditating on Matthew 6:25-34. Jesus was a master of illustrations and used the observation of birds to help fight against anxiety and trust Him.

Look at the birds my child and see

Look how they just depend on me

They're busy but not in panic

They're moving but not frantic

No sowing or reaping

No storing or keeping

What do they know that you've dismissed?

Why do you fret and what have you missed?

Little birds just depend on my care

I know them all, they know I'm there

My child, are you not more valuable?

Oh you of little faith trust me for it all

Oh you of little faith look up and call

What can worry add to your life?

Each day has enough trouble

Each day has enough strife

Strength in measure daily I'll give

In me my child move, breath, live

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